Đề cương giữa kì 1 Tiếng Anh Lớp 11

I. Find the words which has a different sound in the part underlined. 
1. A. childcare b. privacy c. mature d. elegant 
2. A. afford b. force c. top d. norm 
3. A. compassion b. progress c. discussion d. pressure 
4. a.achievement b.appearance c.enthusiastic d.initiative 
5. a.confidence b.achievement c.engage d.permission 
6. a.potential b.psychologist c.oppose d.contribution 
7. a.initiative b.confidence c.enthusiastic d.tension 
8. a.reaction b.achievement c.matchmaking d.enthusiastic 
9. a. Matchmaking b. face c. Dating d. Teenager 
10. a. Advice b.reconciled c.incident d.decisive 
11. a. Contact b.initiative c.interact d.lifetime 
12. a.pyramid b.hygiene c.nylon d.lifestyle 
13. A. prioritise b. privacy c. determined d. strive 
14. A. wisely b. width c. wisdom d. confident 
15. A. possession b. discussion c. profession d. decision 
16. .a. curfew b. burden c. mature d. curtain 
17. A. motivated b. prioritize c. confident d. conflict 
18. A. sibling b. conservative c. counselor d. casual
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  1. REVISION FOR MID- FIRST TERM TEST UNIT 1 + 2 - 3 ENGLISH 11 NEW I. Find the words which has a different sound in the part underlined. 1. A. childcare b. privacy c. mature d. elegant 2. A. afford b. force c. top d. norm 3. A. compassion b. progress c. discussion d. pressure 4. a.achievement b.appearance c.enthusiastic d.initiative 5. a.confidence b.achievement c.engage d.permission 6. a.potential b.psychologist c.oppose d.contribution 7. a.initiative b.confidence c.enthusiastic d.tension 8. a.reaction b.achievement c.matchmaking d.enthusiastic 9. a. Matchmaking b. face c. Dating d. Teenager 10. a. Advice b.reconciled c.incident d.decisive 11. a. Contact b.initiative c.interact d.lifetime 12. a.pyramid b.hygiene c.nylon d.lifestyle 13. A. prioritise b. privacy c. determined d. strive 14. A. wisely b. width c. wisdom d. confident 15. A. possession b. discussion c. profession d. decision 16. .a. curfew b. burden c. mature d. curtain 17. A. motivated b. prioritize c. confident d. conflict 18. A. sibling b. conservative c. counselor d. casual II. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others. 1.A. studious B. respectful C. financial D. extended 2.A. curfew B. conflict C. control D. homestay 3. A. confident B. approach C. communicate D. contribute 4. A. enquire B. enroll C. responsibly D. housekeeping 5. A. protective B. fulfill C. motivated D. priority 6. A. schedule B. struggle C. deadline D. remind 7. A. management B. discourage C. advertise D. overcome 8. A. Attitude B.argument C. Relevant D.assistant 9. A.interact B. concentrate C.counsellor D.influence 10. A. International B.interpersonal C.intelligently D.intellectually 11.A. determined B.examine C.reliant D.medicine 12. A. loneliness b. management c. confident d. protective 13. A. difficulty b. community c. ability d. Effectively 14. A. counselor b. decisive c. confident d. discipline 1
  2. 15. A. management b. protective c. respectful d. reliant III.Vocabulary and Grammar:Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences. 1.A child comes to his parents to see that they .his needs, desires, and ambition. a. Agree b. respect c. admire d. worry 2. Children learn from how they see their parents ; when parents are getting along well, their relationship supports their child’s development. a. Involve b. influence c. affect d. interact 3.Knocking on closed doors before entering can be a great way for children to practice behaviors. a. Respecting b. respectful c. respective d. respected 4.Parents should teach children about by establishing a rule about knocking on closed doors before entering. a. Loneliness b. care c. privacy d. peace 5.Going into any argument, both sides know that either one is going to change the other’s a. Head b. mind c. brain d. feeling 6. During the examination, students keep silent and focus on their own papers. a. Need b. can c. might d. have to 7. We make decisions together about what to do for special events such as birthdays. a. Should b. shouldn’t c. Must d. mustn’t 8. Parents .ask too many questions about where children go and what they do a. Should b. shouldn’t c. must d. mustn’t 9. You .discuss family issues with all family members, including children. a. Must b. mustn’t c. have to d. don’t have to 10. You .put the knife in your mouth- it’s very dangerous. a. Have to b. don’t have to c. must d. mustn’t 11. My grandfather is the most conservative person in my family. a. innovative b. update c. averse to change d. open-minded 12.Some parents care a lot about the appropriate behavior when having a meal with other people. That is why they want to teach their children good . from a very early age. a. table manners b. behave c. attitude d. knowledge 13. I do not mind at all. You ___ apologize. a. shouldn't b. needn't c. mustn't d. oughtn't to 14. It's time for you to stop relying ___ your parents. A.on B. in C. at 15. She strives ___ a balance between studies and relationships. A. on B. at C. for 16. Yoga and meditation help to improve the ability to cope ___ stress and anxiety. A. about B. with C. for 2
  3. 17. He must have suffered ___ the flu for a long time. A.from B. at C. in 18. ___ The quality of being able to be trusted to do what somebody wants or needs A. reliability B. responsibility C. decisiveness 19. ___ Doing everything on your own without others' help A. self- esteem B. self- confident C. self-reliant 20. She was excited ___ a letter from her mother last week. A. to receive B. receive C. receiving 21. It is ___ of him to help the poor. A. generous B. generously C. Generosity 22. If you have any problems, go to Ann. She’ll always a sympathetic ear A. give B.bring C.lend D.borrow 23. Teenage depression is a problem that impacts every aspect of a teen’s life. A. dangerous B.serious C. Bad D.harmful 24. They were finally with each other, after not speaking for nearly five years. A. reconciled B. persuaded C. Interested D. Fond 25. Rapid changes in personality, falling grades, constant sadness, anxiety, or sleep problems could indicate depression, bullying, or another health issue. A. emotion B.emotional C.feeling D.nervous 26. Teenagers do not have to work and on their favorite study, club activities and going out A. gather B.bring C.concentrate D.depend 27. With their many similar tastes, he found her a most companion. A. sympathetic B.kind C.approved D.interested 28. The fact that teens focus more on their friends may leave their parents hurt. A. believing B.thinking C.giving D.feeling 29. He is 16, but he often younger. A. seems B.remains C.makes D.suggests 30.Understanding the impacts of dating on teen years can help parents in their with teens A. access B.expression C.communication D.behaviour 31. The courses try to get young people to feel in applying new skills in order to live independently. A.sure B. confident C.excited D.interesting 32. Teens should have the ability to loneliness. A. deal B.cope with C. Set up D. Look afer 33. General skills are part of being independent and responsible A. house B.housekeeper C. Housekeeping D.house-making 34. During our courses, you write an independent living plan to meet individual needs, such as , meal planning, and financial management A. self – esteem B.self – examination C.self – fulfilment D. Self – expression 3
  4. 35. Parents can teach their teen to to achieve positive outcomes. A. affect B.succeed C.encourage D.strive 36. Effective skills help you break each project down into the achievable tasks. A. time-keeping B. time – consuming C. Time – management C. Time –line 37. When teens learn how to use their time , they not only get more tasks accomplished, but they also feel good about themselves and their abilities A. wise B.wisely C. in wisdom D. Of wisdom 38. Setting money aside for emergencies helps you be sure your rent and bills on time. a. to pay b. about paying c. that to pay d. to be paid 39. With a “ To Do” list, you are less to forget to do tasks. a. like b. alike c. likely d. likely than 40. Messy desks and drawers take you much time through piles of documents. a. search b. on searching c. searching d. to search 41. Parents should learn how to teach their children personal . a. Time-management b. time management c. timeline d. Timekeeping 42.Over the past few years, in both the USA and the UK, the number of multi-generational households with three or four generations living .has increased. a.Under the same roof b. under the same building c. on the same roof d. just the same 43. It is important for children to learn self-sufficiency, developing high self-esteem and be from early on in life. a.Motivated b. motivational c. motive d. motivating 44. Independent learners become .adults who have faith in their abilities to succeed achieve and overcome challenges. a.Confident b. over-confident c. confidential d. reluctant 45. Parents and teachers play a role in helping children become independent. a.Final b. quick c. deciding d. decisive 46. When independence becomes your , it leads to the 4C’s: confidence, competence, creativity, and character. A.Priority b. variety c. importance d. action 47. The natural desire to protect children can make parents a.Over-protecting b. over-protective c. Protectively d. protectiveness 48. A skilled person can work, learn and recreate collaboratively with others. a.Sociable b. social c. socially d. society 49. I was to recognize that I could work more effectively with my time log. a.Willing b. fond c. Determine d.amazed 50. Breaks provide valuable rest you to think creatively. 4
  5. a. Able b. enable c. enabling d. to enable 51. Nowadays, children are learning computer skills before they any life skills. a. require b. enquire c. realize d. acquire 52. It is Phong’s sense of responsibility make him successful in his life. a. that b. what c. which d. who 53. Time management requires the investment of a little time to and organize your life and work. a. deal b. strive c. prioritize d. recognize 54. Kids need to have to do things by themselves as early as possible. a. offers b. jobs c. conditions d. opportunities 55. As a parents, one of the most important goals is to children who will become independent and self- reliant in the future. a. raise b. bring c. grow d. take 56. I can watch TV and play computer games on Sunday because I go to school that day. a. mustn’t b. shouldn’t c. don’t need d. don’t have to 57. As being forbidden in my family rules, I stay overnight at my friend’s house. a. shouldn’t b. mustn’t c. don’t have to d. may not 58. .their neighbours who they have a very good relationship with. a. They are b. There are c. it is d. This is 59. My brother___ for a job since he graduated from college. A. was looking B. has been looking C. looked D. is looking 60. Tom: There are so many skills that we need to become independent. - Jennifer: ___. A. but I think you are right B. Well, you know it C. Who have these skills D. Oh, really? I never thought about that 61: “Can I try your new camera?” “___.” A. Sure. But please be careful with it. B. I’m sorry I can’t. Let’s go now. C. I’m sorry. I’m home late. D. Sure. I’d love to. 62: – Can you play table tennis? -___. A. No, thanks B. No, it’s too hard for me C. Yes, I could D. You must be kidding IV.Choose the sentence that has the closest meaning to the original sentence 1.Your decisions may go against someone else’s. a.Your decisions may make someone unhappy b.Your decisions may be the same as someone else’s. c.Your decisions may be the opposite of someone else’s 5
  6. 2.Candidates all over the world took part in the competition with great enthusiasm. A. It is great enthusiasm that candidates all over the world took part in the competition. B. It was great enthusiasm that candidates all over the world took part in the competition. C. It was with great enthusiasm that candidates all over the world took part in the competition. D. It is with great enthusiasm which candidates all over the world take part the competition. 3.He gains impressive achievements at the age of 20. A. It is at the age of 20 that he gains impressive achievements. B. It was at the age of 20 that he gains impressive achievements. C. It is at the age of 20 that he gained impressive achievements. D. It was at the age of 20 that he gained impressive achievements. 4. My sister is able to solve every problem quickly. A. My sister has the ability to solve every problem quickly. B. It is hard for my sister to solve every problem quickly. C. My sister’s ability to solve every problem quickly. 5. Don't touch that button. It is dangerous. A. It is dangerous not to touch that button. B. It is dangerous to touch that button. C. It is dangerous not to touch that button. 6. I don't know how to use this washing machine. A. I don't know the way how to use this washing machine. B. I don't know the way to use this washing machine. C. I don't know the way of use this washing machine 7. She has cooked for dinner for two hours. A. She didn't start cooking for dinner until it was two. B. She started cooking for dinner two hours ago. C. She has two hours to cook for dinner. D. Cooking for dinner took her two hours. 8. The last time I went to the museum was a year ago. A. My going to the museum lasted a year. B. At last I went to the museum after a year. C. A year ago, I often went to the museum. D. I have not been to the museum for a year. V. Writing: V.1.Rewrite the following sentences, using the words and phrases given 1.Dating is left for the college years in Japan. ( It is/ was ) 2. Girls are to buy boys white chocolate on Valentine’s Day in Japan. ( It is/ was ) 3.The boy must give the girl twice as much chocolate. ( It is/ was ) 4.A South Korean boy often holds his girlfriend’s handbag during a date. ( It is/ was ) 5.Once married, the South Korean man expect his wife to be a more traditional woman. ( It is/ was ) 6.We have worked on this programme for five years.(Started, five years ago) 7.Our intructors have taught extra classes for students with learning disabilities since 2008 ( begin, in 2008) 6
  7. 8.We created a resource room for talented students with learning disabilities in 2013 ( have already created, since) 9.Our school has used the same curriculum for both talented and challenged students since January ( started using, January) 10.In 2010, our school introduced a special programme for students with disabilities. ( have participated in, since) 11. In 2011, We received the UNESCO charity award for the third time ( have won, three times) 12. They last wrote to each other five years ago.  They haven’t 13. He started to learn English when he was in grade 6.  He has 14. I haven't visited the museum for three months.  I last V.2- Rewrite the sentences, using the nouns in brackets and a to-infinitive so that the new sentences have the closest meaning to the given ones. 1. I know how to deal with the issue. (way) 2. The window- washer is coming soon so you don’t have to clean the windows. (need) 3. I was surprised when I saw that my friend can do a magic. (ability) 4. The students were not allowed to cheat in the examination room. (permission) 5. Her teachers like her because she is always willing to learn. (willingness) 6. She tried very hard to overcome difficulties and that makes us impressed. (effort) 7. We didn’t know that he was going to move his house to another place. (plan) 8. That he decided to take part in the contest surprised all of us. (decision) 9. If you don’t want to cook, invest in a microwave. ( desire) 10. We should be able to take a leadership role within group situations. ( ability) 11. To use a time log is useful for eliminating wasted time ( way) V.3- Combine the sentences using the to- infinitive 1.Foreigners try and eat some homemade meals in Viet Nam. It is probably healthy 2. You should go out of your comfort zone and meet other people. It is important to do so. 3.You should use Action Plans to break large projects down into manageable steps. It is very helpful 4.We should focus on one task at a time to produce higher quality work. It is reasonable to do so. 5.We shouldn’t do too many tasks at the same time. It is very stressful 6. I recognize that I could work more effectively with my time log. I was amazed 7
  8. 7.You should make a list of attainable goals that you can achieve. It is important 8.You should practise time management in your daily life. It is surprisingly hard V.4.Write complete sentences using the words/ phrases given in their correct forms. 1. Parent – child conflicts/ occur/ many reasons. 2. Resolving/ parent –child conflict/ requires/ participation/ everyone involved. 3. Communication/ very useful tool/ resolving conflicts. 4. Parents/ try/unserstand/ what/ a child/ think/ instead of/ criticize/ them/ all the time. 5. Family rules/ appropriate and fair/ in order/ avoid conflicts. VI. Choose the word among A,B,C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage Coping with loneliness is a very important skill of needed independent living skills for teens (26) .every teen has needed it. It doesn’t matter (27) .they are going to college, starting a new (28) and moving into an apartment or getting married. Leaving your childhood home and being on your own for the first time will cause some (29) of loneliness. Teens who know how to recognize loneliness as the temporary feeling it is, use their support system and work through their loneliness have learned a valuable life skill and they do just fine. Those who cannot get over their loneliness may make wrong (30) about where and how to live or (31) to live with. We should recognize that being alone does not mean being alone. Being (32) with ourselves is part of having a healthy (33) Reading, drawing, crafting and listening to music are activities that we can enjoy by ourselves without feeling lonely. We should get involved in activities with our friends and activities we can help others. There are so many (34) .for us to connect with our family and friends, such as email, letter writing, online social networking, texting and (35) .phone calls. 26. a. because b. so c. although d. but 27. a. how b. what c. if d. unless 28. a. work b. job c. employment d. problem 29. a. position b. situation c. amount d. level 30. a. decisions b. efforts c. differences d. fun 31. .a. when b. what c. who d. that 32. a. comfort b. comfortable c. Comfortably d. uncomfortable 33. a. opinion b. position c. way d. attitude 34. a. ways b. designs c. streets d. things 35. a. doing b. bringing c. making d. Taking VII.Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting. 1. I haven’t met him since a long time. A B C D 2. My brother won a scholarship since 1998, which was amazing. A B C D 3. He doesn’t rely up other people for help. A B C D 4. The mission of the charity is improve the quality of the lives of people with A B C mental disabilities. D 5. The last time I have gone to HN was in May. A B C D 8