Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 (Có đáp án)

(Bản scan)

9S. Only 489 athletes took _partLL1n the first Àsian Games.

A. participated in B. got rid of C, gave up D. added to
6. I often collect stamps in my Íree time.

A. spare B. bed C. allotted D. ecngaged
7. Which ¡s the most popular recreation summer?

A.for B.at C.on D.in
§. A/ An 15 a person who 1s trained for travelling in a spacecraft.

A. engineer B. scienust €. astronaut D. technical
9, My father was a very clever man. He speak 5 languages.

A. wasn”t able to B. could €. isn`t able to D. can
10. I am late, k

A. am not Ï B. aren`Ll €. don t] D. wonˆtl
11. You have gọt a new car, 1?

A. do you B. don”t you €. aren”t you D. haven`t you
I2.I play football now, but when Ï was young Ï play very well.

A. am able to/ was able to B. cannot could

C. am not able to/ was not able to D. can/ was able to
13. A: “Would you like something to drink?” -B; “

A.No, I won't. B. Not at all

C. m not thirsty. Thank you, D. Yes, [ will.

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